Of Friends, Dancing, Sledding, and Skating: Part 1

Friday, February 20, 2009

Butterflies fluttered about my stomach as I woke. It was actually going to happen. All these people I had never met before were coming to my house to spend the weekend here, doing the activities I had planned, and eating the food my mom and I had prepared. Especially nervous about meeting Kim and Mike as they were arriving first, I scurried about my chores, obsessively checking HSA and my IMs. Then came 11 AM. We had to leave to pick them up from the airport. I don’t remember much of the drive there. I do remember stopping at Radio Shack to pick up a cable so the microphone would work Saturday evening. The guy at the counter annoyed me, if I recall correctly. He watched Katie and I and he had face piercings. The worst part of picking them (Kim and Mike) up was sitting outside the doors and watching and waiting. I thought I had spotted them and I started shaking. Finally, by the time they came through the doors, I had settled down some. We greeted each other then we went outside. Kim is so cool. I love her accent and she tells interesting stories. Mike is quiet, but fun. Kim wanted to go around the revolving door again, so we let her. 🙂 Then we started toward home, interrupted by a quick visit to Wal-Mart.

When we arrived home, our guests had a house tour, then we ate tacos. After that, we sat around and played Apples to Apples some. Junior Monopoly came next, at which Mike beat us all and Katie lost. 😛 Before we could actually finish Klaus and Jason pulled in. My first impression was rather the same as Kim’s: Klaus is very giant, especially compared to me. Deep voiced, but good hugger. Just a great guy all around. 🙂 Jason is so fun. I love this guy. 🙂 Great dancer. Then came Michael, Bekah, Anna, and Charlyn. Michael straightaway appeared to be very cheerful all the time, which turns out, he was. 🙂 Bekah – ah, Bekah. She’s a darling. I love her. She’s beautiful, elegant, calming. I could just sit with her for ages and listen to her voice and be in her glow. Anna is fun. Very peppy and happy. Just watching her makes me grin. And Charlyn is a love. The second she stepped in the door, she hugged me and I could tell it had been worth the wait to see her.

Mark and Susan came next. When they pulled up outside the house, I think it was Mike who said, “Mark’s here” and someone added, “I can see the beard”, to which my mom replied, “Who? Emilie?” Much laughter ensued. Thus, Mark was greeted with being called a “bearded lady”. After he greeted me, he said, “You look just like you do in your webcam.” I’m so glad to have been properly represented by my lovely webcam. 😀 Mark seemed to me to be a thinker, and although I didn’t think of it until after everyone left, looking rather like how I imagined a dwarf from The Hobbit. 🙂 Susan is lovely and feminine in every sense of the word. Yet she manages to play and have fun and keep up with all the guys. I guess well-rounded is the word I’m looking for. She has an awesome balance of femininity and tomboy-ish-ness. Patriot absolutely loved Mark. Why, I don’t know, but he did. 🙂 Then my dear “IRL” friend, Emilie, got here. (She did not have a beard, thank goodness.) Things stayed pretty quiet as we played Apples to Apples. We ate pizza. We used our laptops and some even webcammed with each other. 😛 Some of the people played Dutch Blitz.

Eventually the Orths arrived. Love, love, love these people. Carrie is so lovely and sunshiny. Jake is hilarious, but knows how to be serious, and pretty much “awesome”. 😛 Emily is great. Such a sweetheart. As soon as they got here, the noise level shot straight up. 🙂 Then we played Uno, at which Katie had a tendency of winning. And we played Apples to Apples again. Then Mark, Michael, and Jason played instruments and we congregated in the kitchen and dining room to listen and snack. Some of the girls sang. 🙂 ‘Twas lovely. I can honestly say I had live music at my party. 😛 Dutch Blitz ensued, and some of the guys had an interesting discussion about the necessity of college. I sat in on it, and enjoyed listening to the many points each person had to add, as well as the different viewpoints. (It also was a wonderful opportunity for me to practice eye contact. :P) Then after I chatted a little in the chat room, I hit the hay at about 2 AM. Even though I was tired, I was still a little wound-up, so I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep.


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