Of Friends, Dancing, Sledding, and Skating: Part 3

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday morning we were slower to get up than Saturday morning. We were supposed to leave for the archery club again at 9:30 for church. Klaus got up at 9:20, just as we sent the other guys in to get him up as he was to be one of our drivers. So we raced out of here, only to discover that everyone else was late. 😛 Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time singing and reading and discussing. I’d do it all again the very same way. In fact, I might even leave more time to do it all more.

After church was done, we managed to dance Mairi’s Wedding, just one more time. 😀 I have to admit though: my calves were sore before but afterward I could barely walk. I didn’t know that I was that out of shape just from the wintertime. But anyway, our next destination was the ice arena. Mark got stuck in Florida rental car. 😛 And Carrie spun some but other than that, we got everyone out and on the road. Then Carrie needed to buy gas so we stopped at the gas station, and Mark kept going but he circled back and that was fine. Then some of our caravan got stuck in traffic lights so we pulled into a parking lot and we timed it well enough so that our caravan was back together again.

When we got to the ice arena, Hannah and Gordie were waiting for us. They thought we had decided not to go and we had abandoned them there with no car or phone. 😀 Boy, does she know me well. 😀 😛 Anyway, while everyone skated, I decided to take a bit of a break, since I was beginning to run low on social graces. Gotta love being an introvert. So I hung back and took pictures, not only with my camera but with Jason’s and Charlyn’s as well. I had fun even doing that. After we did that, we had to say good-bye to our Ohioan friends. 😦 And the rest of us came home and I almost crashed right then, but I didn’t. I hung on. Played Rummy, and Dutch Blitz. Stayed up late. 😀


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