Of Friends, Dancing, Sledding, and Skating: Part 4

Monday & Tuesday, February 23-23, 2009
I woke up dreading saying good-byes. Now that I had finally met “my people”, I didn’t want them to leave. We took many pictures together before Jason and Klaus had to head out. Just before they left, we were able to rope Jason into playing “Blest Be the Tie that Binds” while we sang. After they left, some of the people played the piano and guitar and some went out and shot guns. Michael, Bekah, Anna, and Charlyn were the next group to leave. And so our numbers dwindled. We ate a lunch, then went outside to watch Matt and Jake make The Works bombs. It pretty much bombed. 😛 They had two and, after several false alarms, neither blew. After this, the Orths had to leave. At the same time, Mark and Susan also left. Immediately, I went in and began uploading photos. We were very tired and everything was funny. 😛 Just ask Kim and Mike about our hysterical laughter over nothing. 😀 That night, we stayed up and chatted in the chat room. But we got to bed considerably early, I think. 🙂

I woke up Tuesday, also dreading saying good-bye. Out of all the people staying with us, Kim and Mike stayed the longest, and they became like family to us. Luckily, they had to leave in the evening, giving us quite a few hours together. We played Dutch Blitz, which was extremely fun. Then after the guys left for work, we went outside and built miniature snowmen. (The snow wasn’t sticking and we didn’t have a whole lot by then.) Then Poppy took us to the airport. And they left. I could’ve cried right then and there, watching my “siblings” leave me. But they left me with the promise of seeing each other again in April.

I miss you all very, very much. Thank you for coming. It wouldn’t have been a snow party without each one of you.


~ by neverxxforsaken on March 25, 2009.

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