Trip to the Creation Museum

Note: Click on the pictures to open them to their normal size.

Our trip started at 7:30 AM, Thursday, April 2nd, 2009. We drove through Ohio — very, very boring. 😛 I don’t care much for the flatness and blah-ness. But anyway, we finally got to Kentucky.

Then we arrived at the Creation Museum. The man standing there told us to go follow the line and the next available ticket agent. Dad walked into the Museum, then turned around. He couldn’t find the line! So we went back and saw this sign.

Duh! But of course, we had to miss it. *rolls eyes* Good thing we didn’t wear our homeschooler t-shirts. 😛

First thing we did was look at the little exhibits in the main hall there. They had cute little birdies.

And they had a model habitat with fake animals.

They also had poison dart frogs and a chameleon.

Then we walked through the rest of the Museum. I enjoyed it the first time we went two years ago, and I enjoyed it again this year. Very well put-together, and effective. This time we were also able to go to the petting zoo. Being the animal-lover, I delighted in seeing all the animals. They had donkeys, sheep, goats, a camel, birds, rabbits, a zonkey, a zorse… Many fascinating animals, I did see. But it was so hot there. 😛 Then we had to leave. We were going to get as far as we could before stopping for the night. We made it to Renfro Valley, KY, where we slept in very hard beds with the rain waking us up.


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