A Peek Into My Thought Process

I wrote this just a few moments ago, since I felt the need to write but didn’t want to come up with anything particularly philosophical or deep. So I free wrote, beginning with the word “love”.

love, joy, hope, purity, charity, shining eyes, beautiful smiles, running feet, laughing voices, little children, long uncombed hair, deep tan, strawberries, sundresses, barefeet, painted toenails, dirty feet, gardening, fresh peas, sweetness, ice cream, summer day, bright sun, sunglasses, chic, shabby chic, shag carpet, sixties, tie-dye, peace, war, guns, death, sorrow, crying, despair, seeking God, finding rest, healing heart, recovering, bliss, chocolate, dark chocolate, chills, rain, dancing, tired feet, sore muscles, Capture the Flag, grass stains, stain stick, laundry, fresh laundry, detergent smell, folding clothes, rough hands, working man, loyal wife, marriage, rings, Lord of the Rings, fireworks, Fourth of July, picnic, hot dogs, mustard, faith, God, Jesus Christ, sacrifice, relationships, friends, secrets, inside jokes, practical jokes, humor, laughing, happiness, happy sighs, tickling, annoyance, glares, ornery, lack of sleep, up late, talking, discussing, opinions, measuring stick, Bible, books, reading, writing, love, joy, hope, purity, charity, shining eyes

And that, my friends, is a glimpse into my thought process. 🙂


~ by neverxxforsaken on June 8, 2009.

One Response to “A Peek Into My Thought Process”

  1. It's one big circle. No wonder you like Lord of the Rings.

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