What is Considered Mature?

I’ve been noticing the use of “mature” a lot lately. To me, it has always seemed like a relative term.  What I consider mature could be considered immature by someone far more mature than I. When I posted “My Dream Man” on my HomeschoolAlumni blog, someone commented on it and said that he hoped young people would start listening to more mature music by that time anyway. Although I agree, I wondered, “What is mature music? What is the standard for it? What makes one particular style of music mature?”

Many people will mention mature Christians. What are those? Some consider me a mature Christian. (I, on the other hand, don’t.) I consider my parents mature Christians. My parents do not consider themselves mature Christians. This is where I get my reasoning for it being a relative term.

Then there is the world’s view of “mature”: anything with content not suitable for children, to include strong language, inappropriate scenes, and violent/gory content.

So, what is your definition of ‘mature’? What are your thoughts on our usage of ‘mature’?

(And a totally random note: Why do people say “last first kiss”? There’s only one first time anyway. :P)


~ by neverxxforsaken on June 19, 2009.

One Response to “What is Considered Mature?”

  1. First time kissing that person. Heh.

    The trick with maturity is to get others to think you have when you are striving for it. 😛

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