On HomeschoolAlumni, oftentimes the topic of feminism comes up. After reading several threads that point certain issues back to feminism, I started to think about it.  Like usual, I decided to turn it into a topic for my blog.

First of all, I am not a feminist. I try very hard not to claim any titles other than “Christian”, since my one and my only identity is as a follower of Christ.

Second of all, I am not an anti-feminist. Again, for the same reason.

Now, judging strictly from wikipedia’s definition of feminism, I would say that feminists are not all that terrible. All people — men and women alike — should have the freedom to choose to do what they want, instead of allowing culture or law to dictate. Obviously, the Christians of the nation will choose whatever falls under God’s standards. But think for a moment: If the feminists had not pushed for equal rights, women would still be expected to a) get married and raise a family or b) not get married and stay under Father’s roof without a job. But since they have, single women are free to hold a job and go on missions trips or get married and raise a family. They can even do both. It’s even possible that women may not have been allowed to hold driver’s licenses. All of this opens more opportunities to women to serve God more fully. Of course, I believe that no matter where you are, you are capable of serving God, but personally I enjoy having the peace of knowing that if I feel called to take a missions trip a single young woman, I can without scorn from culture. Feminism is also the movement that is fighting for maternity leave, therefore supporting a woman’s choice to raise a family, and fighting against sexual crimes against women, including pornography.

However, on the other hand, women standing up for their own rights is probably killing most chivalry.  There is no reason for the good, upstanding, chivalrous men to stand up for women’s rights, because women are doing it themselves. That’s no excuse though, guys. 😉 We still appreciate it. 🙂 (But please, don’t freak out if we do something on our own. Proverbs 31:10-31.) But anyway, the idea of feminism has also allowed women to be farther removed from femininity. Because women now have equal rights, they often take advantage of it. Personally, I am not too hot on the idea of women construction workers, lawyers and police/firewomen because a woman’s body is not designed for the strenuous activity of construction work and firefighting, nor are they meant to have the authority of a police officer/lawyer. I’m not denying that some women are good at these sorts of jobs, but typically they’re not cut out for it. They also take the idea of equal rights a little far, by demanding they should be allowed to go shirtless on beaches. Less overtly, some women are highly annoyed when a man expresses his desire to open a door for her, etc. because she is “just as capable!” And we are. But there’s nothing wrong with a man doing something chivalrous for us. (Personally, I find it quite sweet. :))

Anti-feminism is a form of feminism. When one demands we do not have equal rights, it is still women’s rights. 😛

Finally, if feminism is allowed to go much further into more rights than men, rather than equal rights, we’ll need a movement of men’s rights. Poor men are being beaten into submission by these feminists who take extremes and think they are men and women.

This could be summed up as saying, yes, equal rights are great. But one should still strive to do what they are designed to do. Women are more cut out for the emotional tasks of childrearing/training and keeping a home. Men are more cut out for the physical/logical tasks of construction work and machining. This is also not an excuse for women to sit around and be delicate. Remember, “She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.” Women are expected to be strong in body as well. But allow men to be stronger in body and rescue you (even if they are rescuing you for opening a door ;)). They need to feel masculine just as much as you need to feel feminine. 🙂

(I imagine I’ll write about femininity/masculinity again as it seems to be quite confused in our culture. Another topic I’d like to tackle is abortion. And yes, I realize this is probably very rambling, almost like I’m putting my thoughts down on paper. Well, I am. :D)


~ by neverxxforsaken on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Feminism”

  1. Funny thing happens. When guys are around women they become more masculine.

    That said, I’ll hold doors open for strangers but do not do it so often when I am with a girl that I know. It is not commonplace enough and some start to get funny ideas. 🙂

  2. Talk about funny ideas. 😛 Thanks for the comment, but honestly, we seriously will not get funny ideas if you open a door for us. 😛

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