Life Lessons: It takes two to fight.

When I was younger and I would fight with my siblings, either I or one of my siblings would try to shift the blame with the familiar argument: “But he/she started it!” It never mattered to my mom who started it. She always replied with, “It takes two to fight” and both of us would be punished. Since maturing some, I have come to realize how much this is true.

It takes two.

Two to fight. Two to argue. Two to hold a grudge. Two to have a relationship. Two to communicate. Two, two, two.

It is never any one person’s fault something happened. If one of my friends were to wrong me and I were to hold a grudge, it would be the fault of my friend for not asking forgiveness and it would be my fault for not forgiving (even if the friend never asked).

When something goes wrong, it is our first instinct to blame someone. “Well, if he wasn’t such a jerk”, “She should have kept her mouth shut”, “They’re so stubborn!”, etc. What if we would first blame ourselves and ask for forgiveness? Instead of staying mad at someone for offending us, address the issue and explain that it offends or forgive freely. Instead of assuming the other will forgive us, ask for it humbly.

After all, it always, always takes two.


~ by neverxxforsaken on July 6, 2009.

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