Life Lessons: If there are enough morons in the street, the cars will stop.

This is a lesson my good friend and cousin Jordan taught me. Little did she know that I’d learn to apply it in other areas of my life. So here’s to you, Jordan. 😉

This really shows me the effect ‘crowds’ have on individuals. If there is, say, one person in the street, you might miss seeing them and hit them or think it’s not worth it to stop. (Even if you think it, you should never do it, by the way. :P) But if there are 10, 20, 30… you might do more damage to your car than you think is worth it and you will definitely see them. The decision of the people in the street totally affects your decision to stop or go, if you indeed are in the habit of running over people.

It also reminds me of Christians. One will stand on the berm, one on the lines, one running back and forth sporadically, but all at different points in the road. They aren’t a stronghold, they’re morons. You might say, “But we have to agree in order to have a stronghold! The reason the group of 10, 20, 30 are there is because it’s some form of club; violinists, emos, construction workers…” And yes, I agree. We too must have everything in common. What is everything in your life? The fact that you wear only dresses (a commendable decision, for sure!), the fact that you wear jeans to church, the fact that you listen to only Christian music/hymns? What is most important to you? If you can’t get along with other Christians, I’d encourage you to look at your own life. (After all, you are the only person you can change.) Why can’t you get along with them? Are they too ‘liberal’? Too ‘conservative’? Is God at the center of your life? Then you have everything in common. You are both putting God and only God first. Of course, you cannot judge whether or not they are putting God first, but at least now you know that you are.

You should be able to serve God along any Christian. Maybe their personality will bug you, but that shouldn’t keep you from being open about possibly working together to further the ministry. I, a pants-wearer, rock-listener, working-woman, should be able to work alongside a dress-wearer, hymn-listener, stay-at-home-daughter. (I have no hard feelings against any of those decisions, only these are the decisions I have decided to make currently.) But my point is that our human differences should not draw us away from the everything we have in common —  a passion for Jesus Christ, to preach His resurrection, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and an undying love for Him and His Word.

A band of these Christians which hang onto the everything they have in common has a better shot at changing our culture than the individual sects that sneer at the other sects for being ‘too modern’, ‘too fuddy-duddy’, ‘boring’, ‘charismatic’… you get the idea.

Let us be the morons in the street that make those cars stop.


~ by neverxxforsaken on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “Life Lessons: If there are enough morons in the street, the cars will stop.”

  1. Is this a new call?
    …Morons for Christ…

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