The Need for Education

Education is vital in our world. I doubt anyone would disagree with this sentence. Perhaps, however, they would disagree with my conclusions. This morning I read an article from Kathryn Joyce, called All God’s Children (WARNING: There is strong language in the linked article. If you read it and are offended, I claim no responsibility. :P). It saddens me deeply to hear that the Quiverfull movement has hurt so many women, but most of all it saddens me to learn that because of man’s teaching, these women are turning their backs on God. This is why education is so important.


Without education, we will be deceived. I seek to educate myself, both with book-knowledge and experience. Without either, I cannot make an appropriate decision. This does not go to say that I am willing to commit fornication, murder, etc. to have the experience to make an educated decision. I would never propose that, nor would I advocate it. However, I do listen occasionally to music styles I don’t like to know what my peers are filling their heads with. I read popular novels for the same purpose and watch popular movies. (I do avoid the ones that are openly pornographic in nature or use strong language often.) On the other hand, I listen to the popular music of Christian culture. I read their books and watch their movies. Because of this, I can associate with both sides and determine which road — if any of them — is the most Biblical and edifying for me to take.


Lately, I have been studying the Quiverfull movement in particular. (If you know me even a little, I tend to follow the patriarchy movement rather closely.) It seems that most of the people who break away from this culture made an uneducated decision to follow the movement. I do not blame this on them. Most are new Christians who are searching for some form of rules. More mature Christians will realize that no rules apply to Christians. Christ fulfilled the Law, therefore, even if we do or can follow it, it counts for nothing in our justification.  It does count in our sanctification. These are two concepts that must be explained fully to all new Christians, before they can begin the “checklist of Christianity”. Before they understand they need to abstain from certain activities, they need to understand that they cannot be saved by these works, rather the effect of their salvation is their works.


Anyway, another article that has been drawn to my attention is Daddy’s Girl by Sarah Schlissel. This basically shows the opposite side of All God’s Children. While Daddy’s Girl portrays a girl living happily in the patriarchal movement, All God’s Children shows the unhappiness the movement created for women.


For the record, I do not take sides here. Neither camp appeals to me. I have a very strong faith in God, as I hope you’ve been able to tell. 😛 I firmly believe in the rules God has laid down for me, I desire to follow them every day of my life. However, I do not believe God requires me to be a stay-at-home daughter. Nor do I feel that the highest calling for my life is to be a wife and mother. If that is what I become, then of course that is my highest calling. But if I remain single my entire life, then God must obviously be punishing me for withholding this highest calling. Or is it that I’ve not given enough of myself? If this is not also expected of men, then we are presented with a large problem: There are more women than men on this planet. Unless you advocate polygamy, not all women will be wives and mothers. And why would God have a highest calling and then not inform His people through His Word? I have seen very little Scripture to back up this belief of every girl’s calling. The passage commonly used, Titus 2:4-5, is speaking about teaching the young women who are already married. It wouldn’t line up to say that he was wanting all girls to be married by writing this, because the apostle Paul advocates singleness.


I cannot accept the fact that God has a perfect formula for me that applies to every other girl under the sun. I can accept that His formula for me is as simple as believing in Christ and following Him. I also accept that He has a plan for my life. I believe in a God Who has no limits. He doesn’t fit in any boxes. He has an amazing imagination and sense of uniqueness. I am His Beloved and He does not have the same plan for me that He has for my mother or for my sister or for my best friends. He has placed me uniquely in a position to learn from a chiropractor and to learn office and people skills. This also puts me in the position to learn from our patients. I have been able to create friendships. I have discussed the Bible and Christianity with the old men. I have discussed hunting and the beauty of nature with the middle-aged men. I have discussed common interests with the young men. I have held conversations about homemaking with old women. I have talked to the middle-aged women about the blessing of life and motherhood. I have learned where the young women are going in their lives. This all equips me to fulfill my calling of reaching out to America’s youth, to America’s broken and bleeding.


This has not turned me into a feministic monster. I still desire to marry someday and have children. I know my unique role of submission in a marriage. I also know that God has not lead me into this position yet. He still wants me to be in the chiropractor’s office.


Can I know the mind of God? No. Does He know my mind? Yes. Does He desire me to blindly latch onto a man who preaches His Word and follow him? No. Does He long for me to follow His own plans as He plans my steps? Yes. Can He use a man who preaches His Word? Yes. Will this man shame me for following where Christ has lead me? No.


I do not understand how we can read of Lydia’s and Deborah’s and Ruth’s stories, say they were great women and God used them, yet try to cram ourselves all in the same box. You will notice that God uses no one in the Bible in the same way twice. He still does that. He will use all of us differently.


We need education. A good education will free us from the deception of men’s teaching. This is not a blanket statement concerning the QF or patriarchy movements; I do not consider either to be deceptive teachings. Well-educated individuals are able to belong to these movements safely and Biblically. Yet, the uneducated are hurt everyday by them.


Educate yourselves. The only true education can come from the Bible and the freeing knowledge of Christ’s love, imagination and forgiveness. Admit you are the worst of sinners; then you may admit that Christ loves the worst of sinners. You must know this with your heart. Then your true education can begin.

~ by neverxxforsaken on November 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Need for Education”

  1. In short, I agree. Good post.

  2. vera good.

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