Lack of Godly Men

I have been reading/following two very good threads on Continued from the Reunion: Questions for Guys and Early Marriage. Both have brought up excellent points. Early Marriage I encourage all to read, especially Marlana’s posts. However, it is the first of these two topics that I have been thinking a lot about today. First of all, some random thoughts:

Maybe more young women are willing to admit to being “Christian young ladies” than young men are willing to admit to being “Christian young men”. I don’t know why, but women might have an easier time with it because it gives them a passive-aggressive position often and men feel it’s weak to admit so.

Maybe these “Christian young ladies” aren’t as godly as they thought.

Maybe they should stop making men their goal and start seeking Christ. At the end of the day, guess Who’s there? Maybe God needs to teach them to be single before He teaches them to be married, and maybe God doesn’t intend them to be married. Because not everyone is intended to be so.

Now to an actual question and explanation:

Who defines godly? Does it matter what each individual imagines godly to be?

Ultimately, God defines godly, because without Him, we’d all have to strive to be “ly”. 😛 That much is obvious, I hope. And I believe it truly does not matter what I think or what you think godly means. By whose standards are we measured? Should we ever have extrabiblical standards? Do they help or do they hinder? I find they often hinder. People will say, “You have an ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude” and why? Because you feel you have license to determine the heart of God and His standards. He lays it out in the Bible so there is no reason to read into small passages standards that aren’t there.

(Please note that I have nothing against personal standards and convictions. But don’t pretend to get them from the Bible. It’s just a manipulation tool. :P)

Now, what are some passages that describe godliness? What does it mean to be godly? How do we know the godly man from the ungodly?

When you go back to the Greek (I am using Strong’s), the Greek word for ‘godliness’ as used in I Timothy 2:2 means something close to ‘holiness, piety’. The word used in I Timothy 2:10 is  ‘devoutness’ and is derived from a word meaning ‘reverent of God, worshiper of God’. Psalm 4:3 says the godly man is set aside for the Lord. The Hebrew word for ‘godly’ is ‘good, holy (one), merciful, saint’. (Read the whole psalm for a depiction of the godly man.) Psalm 32:6 also gives a small picture of one. (Read in context.) II Corinthians 7:9-11, II Corinthians 11:2, I Timothy 6:11-12 seem to me to be descriptions of what it means to be godly. See also II Peter 1:3,5-7, II Timothy 3:12, and Titus 2:12-15.

Perhaps our lack of godly men is found in a misinterpretation of godliness. Just a thought worth pondering…

~ by neverxxforsaken on December 12, 2009.

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