My Glass Heart Fell 1,000 Stories

That about describes the feeling I felt just before midnight on Thursday, December 31, 2009. It all started two weeks before with an invite from Still Waiting to a youth lock-in in Sinclairville, NY. Since I am interested in working with the youth (and I enjoy Still Waiting’s music), I’d said I’d talk to my parents and get back to them. My brother, Matt, and I ended up going and we left about 4:30 PM, after I took a short nap. We made it there around 5:30 PM in one piece, thankfully, and we helped the band unload their trailer and van and get set up. Despite my fretting about breaking something, everything was fine. From about 6-8, the younger kids were there on the bounce-abouts. And despite their screaming and constant tripping and falling, they (and Susan and I) survived. About 8, the older kids started showing up. It was about that time that the band ran a sound check. (And I discovered the best place in the room to sit. 😀 I could see and hear and feel everything. Was awesome.) Close to 9, we headed for a private room for prayer and to speak to the youth pastor, Nathan Bailey. Huge kudos to him. He was so inspiring and has an amazing heart for the Lord. He’s the picture of a person doing what he can in his situation. And, if I may say so, he’s doing an incredible job. He told his story of how he got involved. Then he outlined what he would be doing that evening/night  for the kids. I sat there and choked back the tears. Then he lead prayer.

Around 9:45, Still Waiting started their concert. Like always, they were awesome. 😀 It has been such a blessing to me to get to know them better. I discovered (like I think I do every time) that I can waltz to rock music. No, I didn’t demonstrate. 😛 My absolutely favorite song of theirs is Remember. I cried the first time I heard it and immediately went to the Lord in prayer. Since then, it has become my prayer song. So I spent the entire duration of the song in prayer. Thanks, guys, for an awesome song. 🙂

Then Mr. Bailey spoke to the kids. I missed part of the beginning because we and the band hadn’t signed the registration and we needed to, so… But anyway, what I did hear of it was fabulous. Like I said, huge kudos to that man. He spoke on the lies the world tells us and the truth that God offers. This is something that has greatly impacted my life in the past year, so it really hit home. Again, I got choked up. Close to midnight, I watched a several teenagers tried to grasp the reality of God’s truth. That’s when my glass heart fell 1,000 stories. It shattered. It broke. How often I haven’t said anything and should have. I could have been the leader and I wasn’t. These kids need a leader. Nathan Bailey gave them one. The picture of Christ-like love is overwhelming.

After the kids came back from their gender-segregated discussions about their decisions, the bounce-abouts came back out and Still Waiting played some great worship music. Thanks to Holly and Kate for getting up there and lending their lovely voices. 🙂 When they finished up, we hung out some while the kids played games. Then they started to pack up and Matt and I decided to get out of there before we got put to work. 😉 Actually, it was close to 2:30 AM and we were hoping to leave a little earlier than that. I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but as it was, I was exhausted. So we left for home.

I tried very hard not to drift off on the way home, but despite the adrenaline that had charged me all night and the Skillet CD, I still did. We were almost home when we got caught in the slush. We discovered that not only slush covered the road, but so did ice. After fishtailing quite a bit, we went over a bank and into a ravine. The incredible part of it is that we came within a foot or so of a tree. It could have been so ugly. It’s such a terrifying feeling knowing that there could have been fatalities if God hadn’t stepped between our car and the tree. But there wasn’t. Praise the Lord. He truly saves lives. So we got home an hour late, but in one piece. I promptly fell asleep at 5 AM. Slept until 11. And boy, am I thankful that I turned the sound down on my cell phone. (And I’m sure the person who texted me at 10 AM is too. :P)

Anyway, that’s the story of my New Year’s Eve and Day. My glass heart fell 1,000 stories and God saved our lives.

~ by neverxxforsaken on January 3, 2010.

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