Black & White

I wrote this last night at 11 PM. Just a little background. 😉

I just watched Speak. I read the book a couple months ago and the raw emotions of the story really haunted me. The unrefined feelings of pain and fear and apathy and simple joy…stories with these qualities capture my heart. Sure, the stories of hope and forgiveness and joy are dear to me, but what are they without doubt, agony, brokenness, and being lost. There cannot be a story of good with no evil to compare it to and make it good.

Maybe this all just relates to my own life and the life story we are all living. What is the love of Christ without the hatred of the world? What is His salvation without our perpetual and utter desperation of being lost? What is His forgiveness and redemption without the grudges and records of wrongs?

There must always be a comparison. A Satan exists because a God does. Hatred exists because love does. Pride exists because humility does. Emptiness exists because fullness does. There is no dark without light, no shadows without light. There is no black without white.

My heart longs to share the reality of these feelings as Laurie Halse Anderson has. These “ungodly” emotions exist because God offers the healing of them. They magnify and glorify His position in our lives.

That is why they are important. That is why they speak to me. They speak to be heard. They speak to be answered.

~ by neverxxforsaken on May 12, 2010.

One Response to “Black & White”

  1. This is very close to what Calvinists teach as the reason for the original fall. It also borders on the Yin-Yang beliefs that hail from the far east.

    Forget the hatred of the world, we have learned what love is by how God has treated us after what we have done to him (Romans 5:8).

    Just another stray thought here, but does an infant know that his mother loves him? How? Has he been beaten by strangers? Left in cold streets? Impatience may cause it to act out. The darkness may teach it know how great its’ mother’s love is, but those things are not necessary for it to know that she loves.

    One more thing. 🙂 Darkness is the absence of light. It can exist without the latter.

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