Right off the bat, I usually don’t dabble in politics. Can’t stand them. Drives me absolutely crazy. But I did have a thought this morning on the subject.

We can’t legislate morality. Actually, we can. It’s just not going to make much sense until the people want them. It’s more wise to disciple the American people, then the legislation of morality will follow. If we do it before, it’s basically no different than what we have now except it’s in our favor. And as much as we would like it that way, it’s still not right.

That said, I don’t think it’s wrong to elect the right officials. I don’t think it’s wrong to selective in whom we choose to lead our country. But whoever is elected is not going to change our country. It’s already headed there, the people just want it there faster. It’s a reflection, not an image to follow. The people lead. And you can easily see where we’re going. Getting angry with our government, our laws, our political leaders isn’t doing much. It’s your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers that are making these decisions. What are you doing to change their minds? What should you be doing to their minds? Putting up twice as many political yard signs? Handing out flyers? Telling them the horrible offenses or outstanding accomplishments of the individual candidates? Explaining what you believe they don’t understand about taxes or what-have-you? Or showing them a little everyday brotherly love, telling them about your God and the correct order of civil laws. Once transformed by Christ, the morality will come, then the legislation.

Morality cannot be forced on any one individual. We as Christians should know about someone’s religion being forced on us. We are angry that the Muslims are here, we hate that they force their morals and religion on others. We hate that the atheists ask that their “religion of evolution” be discussed and even taught, forced, on our children in public schools. They all have human rights to believe what they wish just as much as we do. But the more Christians we have in the nation, the more morality will be legislated.

That was pretty much all the thought I have into politics. 🙂

~ by neverxxforsaken on June 6, 2010.

One Response to “Politickles”

  1. You’re pretty much right on. There was a recent study in CA where they discovered that a brief explanation of the correct way to install childseats (and the reason for those methods) was more effective than a statement that “it is the law.” Legislation is a poor way to change a country.

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