Oh. Wow.

38 hours is far too short a time to have so much fun. Yet I managed. 😀

I left home at 5 pm Tuesday evening. Departed from Spartansburg at 6-ish. Did not eat at Taco Bell in Meadville for fear of throwing it all up in the hippie van. But had a limeade instead. Worked on my certification tests. Saw fireflies around dusk blinking over the tall grass alongside the road. Pretty little things. Looked like God had dusted the landscape with glitter. Was very tired from all the fresh air being sucked through the van. (The A/C doesn’t work so we open all the windows that do open.) Arrived at the hotel in New Philadelphia, OH right around 10:30-11. Can’t really remember. Got in our rooms. Jess, Kate and Holly went swimming in the pool. Susan and I didn’t. I worked on my tests some more. The boys played guitar in their room. (I have amazing hearing abilities. I could hear it at the pool. :P) Headed upstairs to our room and got around. Went to bed. Fell asleep the first time. Had horrid nightmares about work. Woke up. Got paranoid about not hearing my phone alarm. Got out of bed and got my phone. I sleep better with it in my hand. 😛 Fell asleep the second time. Dreamed nicely until the alarm went off. 5 hours is not enough, interrupted or not interrupted. Got my shower and waited around for everyone to get ready. Threw my stuff in the van. Got breakfast. Ran to the van, so that they wouldn’t leave me behind. 😛 Took off for Alive. Went around and around in circles. Kept my mouth shut. Finally got on the right track. Took a few more detours. Discovered we should never trust phone GPSs. Made it to Alive nonetheless. Got in with little to no trouble. Felt bad for Bryan. Was mistaken for stage crew. Learned how to fold tarps. Corrected the mistake, praise the Lord. Waited for the boys to play. Stood in the front row and cheered them on. Sweated 60 gallons of sweat. 😛 Hung out and cheered Furthermore. on. Hung out some more while waiting for the hippie van to arrive. It arrived and I changed into a tank top. Walked all the way up to the main stage and vendor tents. Observed a strange being rolling in ice. (I swear, it was not my idea! :P) Watched set-up on the main stage. Walked back. Found food. Ate it. Mooched. 😛 Stuck around waiting for the storm to hit. Listened to House of Heroes during the wait. Storm hit. It got bad and we sat in the van and watched tents blow over. Then it settled down and we got out and helped keep water of the stage and canopies. Eavesdropped on some exciting conversations. Ate more food. Walked to the main stage again. Got my legs and feet covered in mud. 😀 Listened to a little bit of Seventh Day Slumber. Fell in love with the beginning of their altar call. Missed the rest of it, but had fun walking with Holly to her parents’ van and back. Ate again. 😀 Listened to Brandon Heath. He looks a little like Gerard Butler sometimes. But he also looks like a guy my dad used to work with. I liked how relaxed he was on stage. Royce observed that the drummer looks like Genie from Aladdin, and he did. Left for the hippie van. Stopped along the way to let the boys frog hunt in a puddle. Got to the van and embarked for home. Fell asleep for a little. Then stayed up the rest of the way. Stopped in Meadville again for food and drinks and bathrooms. They wouldn’t let us take the bathrooms with us. Continued on to Sparty. Got there about 1:30 am. Left for home-home at 1:40-ish. Got home about 2:15. Talked until 2:45. Went to bed at almost 3:30. Got up at 7:30. Thus ended the most incredible 38 hours of my life. 🙂

~ by neverxxforsaken on June 24, 2010.

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