About Kayla

Some words my friends chose to describe me…

…preciousss, midget, fun, cute, thoughtful, diligent, SAD, addict, punny, bibliophilic, quiet, cheerful, girl, hobbled, joyful, shy, witty, sweet, laughing, faithful, caring, best friend, inspiring…

(If you have more you’d like to add, leave me a comment or something. :))

My personality can be described as…


Meet my family & pets…

Things I find delightful…

family | friends | church | sunshine | rain | snow | babies (human and animal) | flowers | crayons | the smell of books, old and new | the silence of the library | county fairs | little kids | black-and-white movies | smiling | laughing | barefeet | campfires | clouds | homemade ice cream | photographs | family bands | irony | satire | music | hymns | abstract design

Read my works…

my blogger blog | Questions of the Heart | Modern Modesty | Gentle Waves

Occupational interests…

…wife, mother, web designer, author, editor, dog trainer, English Country Dance teacher, grass farmer…

Ways to contact me…

*Drop me an FN or PM
*Email me at hobbithugz [at] yahoo [dot] com
*IM me on AIM (hobbitz9206, hobbit9206, neverxxforsaken), YIM (hobbithugz), or Windows Messenger (patriot53106)
*Follow me on
*Add me as a friend on Facebook


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